Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cool Double Sided Bracelet

This is like a double sided bracelet.
That is what I call cool!

Wonderful Crystal and Pearl Bracelet

This bracelet is made with green crystals and glass pearls.
I love green anytime of the year!

Oh What a Pretty Pink Bracelet

I LOVE this bracelet!
This would make a wonderful gift!
The pink in this bracelet is my favorite color to wear.

Brown and Cream Oh My Bracelet

I love the beads that were used in this bracelets.
I love brown and cream colors.

Three Stranded Christmas Fun Bracelet

This is one of my favorite Christmas bracelets.
I love the three stranded look!

A Watch like Bracelet

I love how this bracelet looks a little bit like a watch!
I know you will too!

Cream Diagonal Fun Bracelet

This bracelet is a very fun one!
It looks very pretty and fun all at the same time!

Ocean Waves Bracelet

Ocean Waves
This bracelet was created with the colors of the ocean in mind.
There are blues, purples and greens.